The Center for Child and Family Development

How to Schedule an Appointment:

Simply contact our office at 702.912.5848 and our staff will assist you with all aspects of scheduling, including verification of your insurance benefits, deductibles, and co-pays as well as obtaining prior authorization (if required).
We typically schedule appointments in the order that we receive COMPLETED intake paperwork…you can begin this paperwork before even calling our office by clicking on the links, below.

What to Know Before Your First Appointment:

The initial appointment will be a parent interview only; your child(ren) should not be present. If you choose to bring your child(ren), this appointment will be rescheduled and may delay the evaluation process for your child. This appointment will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes and will be used to gather important developmental and historical information about your child.

Depending upon your child’s age and level of functioning, he or she may be required to attend multiple evaluation appointments. This is done so that our doctors can obtain the greatest possible quality of data in order to make an accurate diagnosis and informed treatment recommendations.

The 1-hour feedback appointment (scheduled after the completion of all assessments) is very important and gives you the opportunity to meet with your child’s doctor to review the assessment results, answer questions, and provide several treatment recommendations for you to consider. At this appointment, you will be provided a comprehensive written evaluation of your child. Your child(ren) should not be present for the feedback appointment. If you choose to bring your child(ren), this appointment will be rescheduled.

Prior to your child’s assessment appointments, please make sure that he/she gets plenty of rest and takes any medications as usual (if applicable). If your child wears glasses, has hearing aids, or has any other assistive devices that are used regularly, please bring them to each assessment appointment. You may also bring a snack for your child if you feel that he/she may need one during the assessment appointment.